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Programmatic SSL AppFabric Cache Integration

I recently integrated Windows Azure’s AppFabric Cache into a solution I’ve been working on and went down the programmatic route as opposed to modifying my solution’s application configuration files.  I initially modified the web.config and app.config files for my web and worker roles respectively, just to see how easy it was to implement caching via that method, and I can say with confidence that Microsoft have made it a complete breeze.  However, my requirements meant that I had to programmatically create the DataCacheFactory and connect to the SSL endpoint for an added layer of security. Continue reading



Consuming a WCF Service with jQuery or ScriptManager

I recently created a working example of WCF service that is consumed by both a jQuery AJAX call and a ScriptManager AJAX call. I was interested to see how the WCF improvements offered by .NET 4 compared with the latest jQuery library (v1.7.1 at the time of writing). You can download the solution’s source code or take a look through this post where I discuss the particulars of this comparison. Continue reading

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IT News Feeds (RSS/Atom)

If you spend enough time in IT you’ll know there is never any shortage of IT news to read about.

Below I’ve listed the IT-related RSS/Atom feeds I subscribe to. My feeds focus on several topics; .Net, MSDN, UX, HTML5, general Microsoft news, Mac news, general industry IT news, popular IT developments and a few blogs that I have found quite useful. Continue reading