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Azure Visio Shapes & Stencils

Azure VisioA few years ago, David Pullman posted a blog entitled “Windows Azure Design Patterns, Part 1: Architectural Symbols“, within which he released a large number of very useful symbols to represent all of the artifacts, resources, etc. that can be found in Azure. He was kind enough to release the icons in EMF and PNG format but not as Visio shapes. Thankfully a generous software architect by the name of Ricardo later released the same symbols for Visio. In addition, Simon Hart has also made available a number of additional Azure Visio shapes more aligned with the Microsoft Patterns & Practice’s look and feel.

These Visio shapes are an incredibly useful resource for those architects wishing to construct Azure diagrams for a variety of different scenarios. Unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t released any shapes or stencils for the Azure space, even in the latest release of Visio 2013. Shape samples and links to the aforementioned resources are provided below. Continue reading