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Book Review: “Professional ASP.NET MVC 4”

Professional ASP.NET MVC 4A few months after the official release of MVC 4 I decided to go hunting for an MVC 4 book that was less of an introduction to MVC 4 and written more for the seasoned MVC developer. I’d recently delivered an MVC 3 solution so was looking to work my way through a MVC 4 book that was (a) written by some respected authors, (b)  would provide a comprehensive guide to the latest iteration of this particular framework, (c) draw attention to those features new to version 4, and (d) provide a structure that easily permitted me to skim over the more familiar concepts.

So I did some research and ended up purchasing Wrox’s Professional ASP.NET MVC 4 by Jon Galloway, Phil Haack, Brad Wilson and K. Scott Allen. Having recently finished it I thought I’d share a review for the benefit of those who are in a similar situation to myself several months ago. Continue reading



Consuming a WCF Service with jQuery or ScriptManager

I recently created a working example of WCF service that is consumed by both a jQuery AJAX call and a ScriptManager AJAX call. I was interested to see how the WCF improvements offered by .NET 4 compared with the latest jQuery library (v1.7.1 at the time of writing). You can download the solution’s source code or take a look through this post where I discuss the particulars of this comparison. Continue reading

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AJAX AutoCompleteExtender/Web.Config Rule Issue

Last week I was adding the latest AJAX AutoCompleteExtender control (from the November 2011 AJAX Control Toolkit release) and ran into a peculiar problem which I later corrected and thought I’d document.

The updated AJAX AutoCompleteExtender has a lot of appeal, particular with regards to integration – you don’t have to call a separate web service, or a separate AJAX-enabled WCF service, or add entries to your web.config, to populate the AutoCompleteExtender control – all you need is a public static method in your code-behind page. The method signature is provided below: Continue reading