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Adding a Local Git Repository to GitHub: Step-By-Step Guide

GitHubEveryone loves GitHub, and if they don’t it’s only because they haven’t started using it yet ūüėČ

So what do you do if you have a local Git repository and you want to push it up to GitHub to share it with the greater public, or use it as a collaboration point with a number of other developers without spending any money? Well that’s where GitHub comes in, it’s a “web-based hosting service¬†for software development projects that use the¬†Git¬†revision control¬†system.”¬†– Wikipedia. GitHub sports a number of features but we’re only going to be focusing on it’s ability to house a public repository in this post.

If you do want to be wowed by the scale a large-scale project supported by GitHub do check out this visualisation of the Ruby community on GitHub or browse through the Ruby code from their GitHub page.
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Getting Started with Git and Visual Studio: Step-By-Step Guide

Git This post provides a visual¬†step-by-step guide to installing Git on a Windows machine and integrating it into Visual Studio. By the end of this guide you’ll be able to use Git as a source code management (SCM) system for all of your Visual Studio projects, and hopefully start to appreciate why Git has become such a huge success.

For those not so familiar with Git it’s a free and open-source¬†Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) developed back in 2005 by a very famous developer in the software world named¬†Linus Torvalds. It’s considered “the SCM” of choice in many circles and for good reason. It’s fast, simple, distributed, can support projects of any size and a variety of workflows. If you want to read more visit the Git Book website – it’s a free online resource for learning about Git. Continue reading