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IT News Feeds (RSS/Atom)

If you spend enough time in IT you’ll know there is never any shortage of IT news to read about.

Below I’ve listed the IT-related RSS/Atom feeds I subscribe to. My feeds focus on several topics; .Net, MSDN, UX, HTML5, general Microsoft news, Mac news, general industry IT news, popular IT developments and a few blogs that I have found quite useful. Continue reading


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Azure News Feeds (RSS/Atom)

I got started with Windows Azure back in when it was still in beta, which from memory was late 2009. Since then I’ve been collecting a number of RSS feeds to keep me on top of the most recent developments, common issues raised etc. Tracking the news distributed via these feeds over the course of a few weeks will demonstrate how rapidly Microsoft is expanding it’s cloud computing services.

I’ve grouped the feeds into two groups; “Great” and “Just Okay”. All of these feeds, except the “Cloud Cover Show”, are straight up news articles and posts. The noted exception, the “Cloud Cover Show”, has some incredibly useful hour or so long videos that Microsoft’s team push out on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


Just Okay

If you want a good reliable news aggregator then I’d recommend Google Reader. It’s great for organising your feeds and ties in well with a lot of other apps that you can run off your iPhone, iPad, etc. And best of all it’s free!